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Frontier Group of Companies, a company specializing in brownfield reuse and redevelopment, purchased the Hutchings Industrial Park site from Dayton Power & Light.

After sitting vacant for a half-decade, Frontier decided to buy the plant and associated land in December 2020. Now, the company plans to transform the property into a mixed-use commercial development centered around manufacturing/industrial, residential and recreational uses.

Solar energy also will be a big component of the site as it transforms from an industrial brownfield into a green energy facility.

Property Size

368 Acres

Location Proximity

Proximity to Dayton, OH Cincinnati, OH, Columbus OH, and Indianapolis, IN.

Activation Date


Solar Array

36 Tamarack Solar LTP-LCR 124 HW

Kilowatt Usage

2400 mW

Carbon Offset

300 CO2e
Hutchings Green Energy

9200 Chautauqua Road
Miamisburg, OH 45342